New Media Specialists.

Marketing is a lot like fishing. You can enjoy dangling some bait from a single rod on the shore, or jump on a trawler with GPS, Sonar and some very big nets. With many various ways in between. Which method best suits you depends a lot on what you're trying to achieve, and the resources you have to support it. Not just in financial terms, but also in other ways. You may only be able to handle one new good client per week, or you might require 1000 new leads per day to sustain your 20 seat call centre. Each of these senarios would require very different strategies and that's where we come in. Figuring out the best ways to achieve your goals is what we do.

It may surprise you to learn that online advertising existed BEFORE Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web. Some of our guys are old enough to remember BBS advertising back in the eighties (the first online ads) and have watched it grow into a 2½ Billion dollar industry in Australia alone. It's predicted to surpass TV advertising sometime in 2013. Over the last 30 or so years we've experienced many of the latest and greatest methods for online marketing, some worked, many failed. It's this LongTail of experience and knowledge that sets us apart, and it's your business that benefits. We know what works, and we won't waste your time or money on methods that don't.

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